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The progression of agriculture has contributed to the growth of human development. Earlier a farmer could produce sufficient food only for his family, but with the advancement of various irrigation methods, electricity assistance, machinery, genetically modified organisms and other modern technologies, today farmers can grow agricultural products for more than 50 families. To guarantee the perpetuation of agriculture, the country has had a high demand for qualified professionals along with modern scientific equipment and technology.

P P Savani University provides a four-year B.Sc. honours degree in Agriculture with the sole purpose to produce graduate students who have the competence to improve the agricultural sector and enhance productivity. The academic curriculum focuses on the principles of biology, science and technology. In addition to this, subjects like agronomy, plant genetics, soil science, agriculture engineering and horticulture make the basic framework of this program. In view of globalization and development of new technologies, the expert faculties ensure that the students meet international quality standards to always stay ahead of the learning curve. So, take the first step towards a vibrant journey in Agriculture.

Dr. N.L. Patel
Principal & Dean

Dr. Hiren K. Patel
Program coordinator

Dr. Savan Patel
Assistant Professor

Dr. Hardik A Patel
Assistant Professor

Dr. Sonal Vaja
Assistant Professor

Dr. Chirag V Khambhu
Assistant Professor

Dr. Shveta Sakriya
Assistant Professor