COVID - 19


Considering the current scenario of spread of COVID-19, P PSavani University took a gigantic shift by adopting online teaching. Courses and webinars were conducted through google classrooms, assignments were submitted through email, examinations are conducted online. For a country like India, this was a good opportunity to strengthen the internet connectivity across urban and rural areas.

P P Savani University has further been supporting the industries and nearby villages by donating -

  1. PPSU likewise contributed one-day pay of all the customary representatives to PM Relief Fund
  2. Distributed 5000 Ration kits to the families
  3. Distributed 1000 caps to the frontline worries (Policeman & Constable)
  4. Distributed food packets to highway truck drivers
  5. As per the directives given by the Department of ‘AYUSH’ Ministry of India as an immunity booster, the medicine named ‘Arsenic Alb 30’ has been distributed around 5000 Phials to cover around 25000 individuals
    1. 250+ phials to Ankleshwar Police staff
    2. 200+ phials to SherdiGaam
    3. 100+ phials to P PSavani Heart Institute
    4. 200+ phials to Ankleshwar Nagar SevaSadan
    5. 250+ phials to peripheral villages.
    6. 300+ phials to PPSU Trustees
    7. 300+ phials to nearby tribal areas
    8. 150+ phials to Mangrol Mamlatdar kacheri
  6. Immunity booster medicine distributed in companies across South Gujarat
    1. 1500+ phials to GFL Dahej
    2. 200+ phials to Sugar Factory Kamrej
    3. 100+ phials to Panoli GIDC association
    4. 500+ phials to GRP limited
    5. 250+ Phials to Lupin Limited
  7. The Group also arranged transportation for 900+ stranded citizens who wanted to reach to their families in their villages

The University has simultaneously started online counselling for all potential students looking for admission. Kindly connect on for more details on the courses.