Training and Placement Cell

Mission and Vision


To amplify the employability skills of students of PPSU at institutional and industrial levels; to furnish the students with relevant and conceptualized professional etiquette and guide them towards the bright future and career all around the globe with values of authenticity, hard work and fair dealing.


The Training and Placement Cell of PPSU is dedicated towards achieving 100% placements and leaves no stone unturned in preparing Recruitment schedule of the year by inviting HR Teams of different corporate to ensure the smooth functioning of the Campus-Recruitment process. Meanwhile, numerous training programs, workshops, seminars, industry interactions, and also, industry visits are conducted parallel with regular one-on-one counseling for the betterment of the students facing difficulties in interviews. Faculty Development Programs will be conducted concentrating on 180-degree enhancement in student performance through the skill development of the faculty.

Process and Policies

Placement Guidelines for Students:

  • Students with their Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) less than six would not be eligible for any placement assistance from the Institute. CGPA here would always mean the latest CGPA available with the T&P Cell till the respective semester a student is in.
    • Recruitment Survey to be carried out for 10- 25 Companies
    • Placement Presentations in Companies during their Summer Internship and their documented feedback
    • Attending the Corporate Meet
    • Attending PPTs / Guest Lectures / CEO Forums / Corporate Forums.
  • The students who have not carried out the following responsibilities would be relegated to last priority for Placement assistance from the Institute.
  • It is compulsory for all the final year students from all streams to attend the Pre-Placement Talks. (Hereafter referred to as PPT’s). In case a student is absent in more than 2 PPT’s he/she would be debarred from further Placement Assistance from the Institute.
  • Students are advised to submit their preferred area of specialization where s/he would like to pursue her/his career. No changes would be allowed once the undertaking in exceptional cases, the case would be reviewed and if approved by the T&P Cell Board, the change might be considered.
  • Students are expected to find out the details about the companies their profile and all other relevant details about the Company visiting the campus from the website or from the Placement Office of T&P Cell or any other source.
  • Once a student has applied for a particular Company after the PPT/ display of Placement notice for the company, it would be assumed that he/she is interested in the Company and hence the excuse of not liking the profile of the Company or the job would not be entertained. All defaulters would be subject to severe penalties as per the decision of the T&P Cell Board.
  • Sponsored Students are not eligible for Placement.
  • Campus Placement is for the First job of the students. In order to learn practical aspects more, it is expected that the students look for job profile and not for other benefits including salary.
  • Once placed, the students should continue with the same Company for a period of a minimum of six months to give their learning a shape and maintain the healthy relationship between Institute and the Company. In case of unavoidable circumstances, the students must contact and seek necessary advice from T&P Cell before communicating their decision to the Company.
  • T&P Cell will assist all students in seeking Placement till Concluding Ceremony.
  • Certain companies ask for medical and other tests to be undertaken by the students who have been offered jobs. T&P Cell will not provide any further Placement assistance to those students who fail in these tests.
  • A student may get an offer from the Company to join early for permanent assignment. Such cases will be reported to Head-T&P Cell.
  • As such there is no policy for early joining. However, the concessions may be made after looking at the Company’s profile, Job Profile, Time of Joining, Course Covered and the relationship with the organization concerned.
  • In all circumstances the student would be allowed to join early only if approved by the T&P Cell board chaired by the Provost/ VC.
  • If a student is allowed to join early, then he/she would have to give an undertaking whereby he/she would religiously undertake the Assignments given to him/her and report to the concerned faculty member on the mutually agreed days.
  • Failure in submitting the assignments and meeting faculty members on the assigned day(s) would result in declaring the student fail in the subject and would not be given the Degree.
  • The students should manage leaves from respective companies, for the purpose of writing their final examinations, and complete other academic requirements in time. No responsibility for any failures leading to honoring their commitments to the Company and/or Institute. Failure in honoring these commitments may cost a student his/her Degree or job.
  • All students would be required to be present in Institute on all days in formal attire with the commencement of the first campus recruitment program. They would continue to do so till the end of the Fourth/ Eight Semester. Formals would mean blazers/ suits/ shirt and tie for boys and salwar kameez/ sarees/ business suits for girls.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to see the Placement notice and submit his/her resume to the student coordinators as per the deadline specified in the notice. No resume will be accepted after the deadline specified in the notice.
  • Students are expected to behave professionally with all employees of PPSU. Any misconduct, misbehavior, non-maintenance of decorum would be dealt with seriously and could lead to disqualification from all Placement related assistance from the Institute


Placement Procedure for Companies:

  • Companies are invited through personal visits to the companies, followed by e-mail and phone calls. A hard copy of the Brochure is also sent for the same purpose.
  • Companies interested in recruiting PPSU students must fill up the Job Announcement Form (Response Sheet), indicating that they have accepted the Policy and the placement procedure adopted by the Placement Cell. Information gathered through the medium of the Response Sheet is as follows:
    • The declaration of a compensation package.
    • Confirmation of campus visit, and preferred dates.
    • The procedure to be followed during the campus recruitment drive.
    • The Job Profile(s) & designation(s) offered.
  • The company/ organization should confirm or negotiate their dates with the Cell.
  • Pre-placement talks are held at the Institute during which the companies shall make presentations about their operations and job profile(s) offered.
  • The company is required to furnish the final list of selected students soon after the completion of the selection procedure, on the company's letterhead, duly signed. We register a job against the selected students and thereafter they may or may not be allowed to appear for other companies' interviews, as per the Placement Policy.
  • The company shall send or hand over the offer letter only to the Placement Office/ Officer within a set time-frame and with mutual understanding

Placement News

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Placement Team

Mr. Varun Surani
Industries Relationship Officer
Mr. Aakash Gupta

Assistant Professor

School of Engineering
Mr. kaushal Singh
School of Engineering
Dr. Jainish Bhagat


School of Liberal Arts and Management
Ms. Mayuri Vaidya


School of Nursing
Prof. Harshi Dave


School of Design and Architecture
Prof. Vibhuti Mhatre


School of Design and Architecture
Dr. Bharat Solanki


School of Science
Dr. Aditi Shah


School of Physiotherapy
Prof. Dr. Kamal Chakravartty

Placement Records

T & P Activities

  • Design and Printing of Placement Brochure – Soft copy as well as Hard copy
  • Developing and Executing the Placement strategy
  • Conducting Recruiting Survey (S)
  • Interacting with the Past Recruiters
  • Interacting with the Potential Recruiters
  • Placement Presentation at various companies
  • Organizing the Career Counseling session by experts (S)
  • Organizing Resume Writing, GD and Interview(s) skills development sessions
  • Maintaining student Resume Bank(S/U)
  • Developing and maintaining Corporate Database(S/U)
  • Allocation of companies to student groups for image building
  • Coordinating all the activities related to Placement

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