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Celebration on "World Ozone Day 2020"
Webinar on "Demystifying Writing a Scientific Research"
Webinar on "Advanced Methods for Recombinant Protein Expression and Purification"
Webinar on "Career opportunities in Chemistry"
Webinar on "What is required for a successful research proposal?"
Webinar on "Career Paths in the Biotech Industry"
Webinar on "Drive your Career"
Thik Hojayega
A song fight against COVID-19.
Maria Bodi, shares her experience of online studies
SoS students attend a seminar on Cnaadian Water Treatment Technology at Bharuch District Management Association (BDMA)
JNU entrance mock test result
One-week Global Immersion Program at AIMST University, Malaysia
SSIP awareness program by SoS
PPSU hosted and participated GIBioN 2020 at their campus premises
BDMA Seminar at Bharuch
Sewage Treatment Plant
Visit at PERD center