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The school of Architecture is devoted in providing professional education that extends towards unleashing the creativity within and also training students for a successful carrier ahead. The course is a blend of art, science and technology that provides overall development of an interdisciplinary skill set where the students identify, analyze, formulate and solve design problems that help them to excel in the professional world.

The Bachelor of Architecture Programme aims to inspire and exercise you in a wide and diverse range of experiences so as to develop an independent, creative, experimental and rigorous approach to design. You are guided in discovering your own vision in architecture within a vibrant and exciting culture.

Note: Admissions for Architecture course is administered by joint Admission Committee for Professional Courses, L.D. College of Engineering, Ahmedabad.

Professional Gateways
  • Career - Architectural firms, Infrastructure firms, and Teaching Profession
  • Higher Learning - Master of Architecture and Master of Urban Design


Eligibility for admission as per NATA website is as follows:
Admission to First year of B.Arch. course

Only candidates who have the following credentials shall be eligible for admission to B.Arch. Course.

  1. Qualified through the recognized aptitude test in Architecture (NATA or equivalent)
  2. Have gone through any of the following curriculum with marks as prescribed below:
    1. Secured at least 50% aggregate marks in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM) and also at least 50% marks in aggregate of the 10+2 level examination;
    2. Or passed 10+3 diploma examination with Mathematics as a compulsory subject with at least 50% marks in aggregate.

Candidates may note that no direct lateral admission is allowed at any other year/stage of B.Arch. course based on any qualification

Duration: 5 years

Intake: 40

The Future of Architecture

Leading Architects predict that their profession is witnessing radical changes in design and execution. It is tending to be more collaborative and inclusive allowing for expressions of form, functionality and aesthetics, jointly decided by social anthropologists and environmental scientists who passionately believe in nurturing sustainable and meaningful environments. New age materials reinforced by innovative structural engineering opens up possibilities of redesigning the skyline of urban aesthetics.

PPSU Our Academic Edge

  • Architecture is renowned for its innovative and experimental research in the discipline, including design, history and theory, professional practice and innovative technology.
  • Excellent resources, including an extensive workshop and studio (known as Concept to Reality, or C2R) that is widely regarded as the best of its kind in architectural education.
  • C2R offers access to traditional woodwork and metalwork resources CNC machining, advanced computing and materials testing.
  • All students participate in the annual C2R Summer Show, a major exhibition at the end of the academic year which attracts visitors.

Tentative Course for Bachelor of Architecture

1STUDIO I – Basic & Architectural Design
2Technical Representational Drawings I
3Building Material & Construction- I
4History of Culture I
5Photography and Graphical Representational Skills
1STUDIO II – Basic & Architectural Design
2Drawing & Painting
3Technical Representational Drawings II
4Building Material & Construction- II
6History of Culture II
7Environment & Ecology
1STUDIO III – Architectural & Basic Design
2History of Architecture I
3Building Material & Construction- III
5History of Culture III
7Surveying and Leveling
1STUDIO IV – Architectural Design
2History of Architecture II
3Building Material & Construction- IV
5History of Culture IV
6Building Services-I
7Elective I
1STUDIO V – Architectural Design
2History of Architecture III
3Building Material & Construction- V
6Building Services-II
7Elective II
1STUDIO VI – Architectural Design
2History of Architecture II
3Building Material & Construction- VI
6Building Services-III
7Landscape Design-I
1STUDIO VI – Professional Practice in office
1STUDIO VII – Architectural Design
2High Tech Structure
3Urban Planning and Management
4Landscape Design-II
5Reserch Meathodology
6Electives - III
1STUDIO IX – Architectural Design
2Contemporary Architecture
3Housing & Community Planning
4Construction Management
5Electives - IV
1STUDIO X – Architectural Design
2Professional Practice
3Professional Work Portfolio (C.W.P.Complete Working Portfolio)

Programmes Offered

Bachelor of