About Our Programme

Skills & Knowledge: Our BID program introduces and develops the skills & knowledge in different design aspects like contemporary, traditional& modern design etc. Expertise in digital tools to meet the prevailing & prospective professional demands.

Social Responsibility: This program is designed to widen the student’s perspective towards the natural environment and they learn to cater spatial needs and aspirations of individuals & the society. In this they learn about the analytical approach towards the human behaviour of the user while adapting the designed spaces.

Multidisciplinary Course: Our program covers vast array of projects which includes Residential, Commercial, Restoration, Retail, Corporate, Theatre & Adaptive-Reuse Projects. We also focus on preparing students for multidisciplinary self-efficient designers with skills & knowledge to design Furniture & Products with technical & functional learning.

Digital Skills: Expertise in digital tools to meet the current & future architectural demands

Experiential Learning: We organize related study programme every year for the experiential learning in students to acquire the skills like documentation, planning, sketching, compositions, photography and joineries. Also, we have workshops & industry visits to make sure that students are aware about the current design trends.


Programme Vision

To be internationally recognized School of Design nurturing creative professionals to becomeskilled entrepreneurs

Programme Mission

  • Inculcate multidisciplinary learning among students through vast array of projects
  • Emphasis on thought process rather than the final output
  • Create their own niche in global knowledge eco-system through exploration, digital transformation, design thinking and innovation
  • Practice and promote high standards of professional ethics and Inter-disciplinary learning with holistic approach
  • Nurture design entrepreneurs with knowledge of current design trends&technology orientation


@PPSU’S Exit Options

EXIT 1: After completion of 2nd year in BID, students have knowledge of basic design planning, Software application, History of Design, Architectural Structure, Interior Environment, Furniture Design & Interior Styling.

EXIT 2: After completion of 3rd Year in BID, students have successful completion of 80% of the degree course. They will be well versed in design software& also have advanced design skills & Graphics. They can assist senior designers for Interior Services and create good presentation drawings with Final visualization of the spaces.They can work as Junior Designers, Assistant of Senior Designers.

EXIT 3: After completion of the 4-year degree course, students are skilled professionals and ready for hands on the field. They are self-efficient to start their own design firms with the experience of office Training and knowledge of the rules & values that a Professional Designer must have. They will benefit from links we have with design studios, cultural institutions, entrepreneurs and community groups.Students can join Architectural / Interior Design Firms as Interior Designers.They have a published Bachelor’s Thesis which makes them eligible to further appear for Masters & Research in Design in Indian & Abroad.


Career Prospects

  • Professional Design Practitioner
  • Entrepreneur
  • Design Consultant
  • Exhibition Designer
  • Furniture Designer
  • Journalist
  • Design Educator

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Tentative Course for Bachelor of Interior Design

1Interior Design Studio - I
2Basic Design - I
3Technical Representation Drawings - I
4Interior Material & Construction - I
5Basic Structure
6History of Human Civilization
7Interior Graphics & Drawings
8Workshop - I
1Interior Design Studio - II
2Basic Design - II
3Technical Representation Drawings - II
4Interior Material & Construction - II
5History of Indian Civilization
6Workshop - II
7Related Study Program - I
1Interior Design Studio - III
2Graphic Design
3Interior Material & Construction - III
4Interior Environment
5Computer Application - I
6Integrated Personality Development - I
7Critical Thinking, Creativity & Decision Making
1Interior Design Studio - IV
2Furniture Design - I
3Interior Material & Construction - IV
4Interior Services - I
5Interior Lighting
6Computer Application - II
7Integrated Personality Development - II
8Related Study Program - II
1Interior Design Studio - V
2Furniture Design - II
3Interior Specifications & Estimation
4Interior Material & Construction - II
5Interior Services - II
6Interior Landscape Design
7Computer Application - III
8Electives -I ( Digital Project Management)
9Electives - I ( Interior Photography)
1Interior Design Studio - VI
2Furniture Design - III
3Design Research Methodology
4Interior Services - III
5Elective - II (Intelligent Building)
6Elective - II (Art Appreciation)
7Open Elective
1Professional Training ( Office Internship)
2Related Study Program - III
1Interior Studio - VII (Bachelor's Thesis)
2Professional Practice & Ethics