A branch of engineering that essentially deals with the engineering of chemicals to identify and solve technical glitches. Chemical Engineering is concerned with processes that convert raw materials or chemicals into useful valuable forms. A chemical engineer - conducts research to develop an improved manufacturing process, provides safety measures for those working with dangerous chemicals, works on making products like food, and drinks, helps in managing world's resources, protects the environment by providing health and safety standards.

Chemical Engineering is the branch of Engineering concerned with the design, operation, maintenance, and manufacture of the plant and machinery used in Industrial Chemical processes. Chemical engineers are in great demand because of a large number of industries that depend on the synthesis and processing of chemicals and materials. In addition to traditional careers in the chemical, energy and oil industries, chemical engineers enjoy increasing opportunities in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, electronic device fabrication and environmental engineering. The unique training of the chemical engineer becomes essential in these areas when processes involve the chemical or physical transformation of matter.

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