Homoeopathic College

Homoeopathic College

Eligibility for Admission

1) Have completed 17 years of age on the 31st December of the Academic Year for which the admissions are being conducted;
2) Have passed the 10th and 12th qualifying examination with “B-group” or “AB-group" from-

  • The Gujarat Board; or
  • The Central Board of Secondary Education provided that the school in which the candidate has studied, is located in the State of Gujarat; or
  • The Council of Indian School Certificate Examinations Board, New Delhi provided that the school in which the candidate has studied, is located in the State of Gujarat: Provided that a candidate seeking admission on Non-Resident Indian seat must have passed the qualifying examination front anywhere with Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

3) Have qualified in NEET conducted in current academic year

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Dr. Nitin Navnitlal Gandhi
Principal & Professor & Hospital Superintedent

Dr. Rajendra C. Ashra

Dr. Suresh Karande

Dr. Amit Dhavalikar

Dr. Bharat Bhatt

Dr. Sanket Vadgama

Dr. Nehal Suthar
Associate Professor

Dr. Faujiya Bhikhu
Assistant Professor

Dr. Kavita Bagdi
Assistant Professor

Dr. Hemangi Ghotana
Assistant Professor

Dr. Nitesh Jain
Assistant Professor

Dr. Yamini Soni
Assistant Professor

Dr. Rajdeep Dodia
Assistant Professor

Dr. Dhrmapal Solanki
Assistant Professor

Dr. Mayurdravj
Assistant Professor

Dr. Dilsad Norat
Assistant Professor

Dr. Mitha Minhaz
Assistant Professor

Details of CME, Conferences

Sr. no. Date Topics Speakers Participant CME / Conference / Seminar
1 22/09/21 GMP and Pharmacological action of drugs Dr. Rajesh Barve
Dr. Prakash Joshi
60 1 day
2 11/07/21 Homoeopathy in day to day practice Dr. P. T. Patel
Dr. J. J. Patel
146 1 day Webinar
3 23/06/21 Covid-19 and its Hom. Management Dr. Rajan Sanakaran 499 1 day Webinar

Non Teaching& Supportive Staff

Sr. no. Name Designation
1 Mukesh Patel Administrative Staff
2 Mital Patel Administrative Staff
3 Yogesh Vasava Anatomy Lab Attendant
4 Binal Patel Physiology & Biochemistry Lab Technician
5 Ajit Parmar Physiology & Biochemistry Lab Attendant
6 Niteshbhai K Vasava Homeopathic Pharmacy Lab Attendant
7 Dr. Falguni Prajapati Librarian
8 Vishal Vasava Library Attendant
9 Umesh Parmar Library Attendant
10 Mukesh Parmar Peon
11 Kiran Patel Peon
12 Jignesh Parmar Peon
13 Prabhukumar Paswan Security
14 Nandini Paswan Security
15 Bhanu Vasava House Keeping
16 Jamanaben Vasava House Keeping
17 Daxa Solanki House Keeping
18 Ramilben Parmar House Keeping

Students Admitted in 1st BHMS -2020-21

Sr. no. Student Name Enrollment No.
1 Banker Vishwa Jigneshkumar 20SH02HM001
2 Barvaliya Janvi Vipulbhai 20SH02HM002
3 Chaklasiya Harshilbhai Arvindbhai 20SH02HM003
4 Chauhan Dharaben Mansukhbhai 20SH02HM004
5 Chauhan Maheshkumar Dineshbhai 20SH02HM005
6 Chhotala Keyur Pravinbhai 20SH02HM006
7 Dave Khushali Janakbhai 20SH02HM007
8 Delvadiya Rutvik Amrutbhai 20SH02HM008
9 Desai Disha Dineshbhai 20SH02HM009
10 Donda Aneri Rajubhai 20SH02HM010
11 Ghoghari Sweta Gunvantbhai 20SH02HM011
12 Goyani Maitri Rajeshbhai 20SH02HM012
13 Kajavadra Yashvi Dilipbhai 20SH02HM013
14 Kalsariya Nandlal Pravinbhai 20SH02HM014
15 Khanesa Krishna Mahendrabhai 20SH02HM015
16 Khatroja Vishwaben Manojbhai 20SH02HM016
17 Lakhani Dhruvang Natvarlal 20SH02HM017
18 Makvana Jaydipbhai Naranbhai 20SH02HM018
19 Nakoom Zeelkunvarba Harrjsinh 20SH02HM019
20 Patel Bhargavi Kaushikbhai 20SH02HM020
21 Patel Kanan Pradipkumar 20SH02HM021
22 Patel Misha Manojbhai 20SH02HM022
23 Patel Naisargri Shashikant 20SH02HM023
24 Patel Riya Rameshbhai 20SH02HM024
25 Rabadiya Rinkal Narotambhai 20SH02HM025
26 Ramani Himansi Chaturbhai 20SH02HM026
27 Raval Simran Kishorbhai 20SH02HM027
28 Rola Khushi Vipulbhai 20SH02HM028
29 Sabhaya Rutvi Jayukhbhai 20SH02HM029
30 Sanepara Purvishaben Vimalbhai 20SH02HM030
31 Savani Greshi Dineshbhai 20SH02HM031
32 Shah Vidhi Rajeshbhai 20SH02HM032
33 Shukla Anuj Dhamendra 20SH02HM033
34 Surti Priyanshi Manis 20SH02HM034
35 Tanti Dhruvin Anilbhai 20SH02HM035
36 Tarsariya Simran Dharmeshbhai 20SH02HM036
37 Vaghamshi Pratigya Himmatbhai 20SH02HM037
38 Vala Pankti Dhirubhai 20SH02HM038
39 Valaki Shital Haribhai 20SH02HM039
40 Vanpariya Harsh Sureshbhai 20SH02HM040
41 Virani Krishna Jitubhai 20SH02HM041
42 Vora Bansiben Dhirajbhai 20SH02HM042
43 Barvalia Nidhi Pareshbhai 20SH02HM043
44 Dhameliya Prinsi Vinodbhai 20SH02HM044
45 Dholu Vivek Jayantilal 20SH02HM045
46 Hingariya Hetkumar Arvindbhai 20SH02HM046
47 Kachariya Vivek Pravinbhai 20SH02HM047
48 Lad Prachi Bhavinbhai 20SH02HM048
49 Paladiya Tisha Kamleshbhai 20SH02HM049
50 Patel Boski Prafulbhai 20SH02HM050
51 Patel Sanjana Dineshbhai 20SH02HM051
52 Patoliya Hinal Sureshbhai 20SH02HM052
53 Prajapati Jenish Sanjaybhai 20SH02HM053
54 Sabhadiya Vrunda Jaysukhbhai 20SH02HM054
55 Sanghani Priya Jigneshbhai 20SH02HM055
56 Urvashi Kachhadiya 20SH02HM056
57 Vansadia Uditraj Ketankumar 20SH02HM057
58 Variya Srushti Arvindbhai 20SH02HM058
59 Varsani Princy Rameshbhai 20SH02HM059
60 Vegad Riya Hemrajbhai 20SH02HM060
Homoeopathic College